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World Top Leaders – Salary Details


Very Intersting News about Top Leaders Of World:-

World Top Leaders Offical Salary Details:

  1. Barack Obama President , USA – Salary-22 Lakhs Per Month.
  2. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada- 14.45 lakhs Per Month.
  3. Angela Merkel , Chancellor of Germany- 13.45 Lakhs Per Month.
  4. Shinzo Abe , Prime Minister of Japan -Salary -13.41 Lakhs Per Month.
  5. Jacob Zuma , President of South Africa- Salary- 11.48 Lakhs Per Month.
  6. Francois Hollande , President of France – Salary- 11.04 Lakhs Per Month.
  7. Theresa May , Prime Minister of UK – Salary- 10.34 Lakhs Per Month.
  8. Vladimir Putin , President of Russia – Salary – 7.65 Lakhs Per Month.
  9. Narendra Modi , Prime Minister of India – Salary – 1.60 Lakhs Per Month.
  10. Xi Jinping , President of China – Salary – 1.15 Lakhs Per Month.

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