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Wonder : Flying Snake near at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

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Chennai: Recently, A wonder incident was happened in India. A Flying snake has appeared at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu state. The snake has appeared near a person Venkatesh House in Coimbatore, Which appear “it’s flying from one tree to another tree. There local people immediately informing to Forest Department. The forest officers are left that snake in to forest.

On this incident, Forest officers are told about that wonder flying snake. These types of similar snakes are appearing in Sri Lanka. This name is called as Sri Lankan Flying snake. This species of snakes are flying 3.5 to 4 feet length. Forest Officers catching snake height is 2.5 feet length and its live long time 7 years. It has 2 years old. These snakes are easily flying from one tree to another tree. These Snakes have black color and red color on yellow color their body. Mostly, these are appearing in Asia, Southeast Asia and these type of snakes does not have poison.

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