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Surya Namaskar and Uses

Surya Namaskar& Uses


Uses of Surya Namaskaras:
1) Firstly, We can reduce the weight and Fat.
2) Surya Namaskars improve the respiratory system in our body.
3) Backbone, Neck, Shoulders and Muscles are strongly set by Surya Namaskars.
4) Blood Circulation will be increased by Surya Namaskars.
5) Surya Namaskars will save from Heart Problems.
6) Each Surya Namaskar has 12 Asanas. Every Asana has the different role while doing Surya Namaskars.
7) Surya Namaskar can increase appetite to us.
8) It can improve intellectual power in children and all.
9) Mostly, It helps to children and youngers for improving their height.
10) Surya Namaskars activate the Ashta Chakras in Our Body.
11) Every Part will be activated by Surya Namaskaras in Our Body.

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