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Speech of Anupam Kher

Campaign of Anupam Kher

Namaskar..I want to speak in Hindi because always Iam thinking in hindi,so if i use any english words in my compaign, that is based on your luck. Actually I don’t want to do the personal comments but situation demands to  us now. Earlier,In this Meeting, i have suffered and shocked with Justice Ganguly compaign. He is a judge,but he against and blamed the judgement of supreme court. It is a bad activity to us. During Lawyer Student Harass’ment Case, you got the intolerant when media ask the Questions to you.

Today ,You are supporting the JNU Incident ,It is a Big Mistake. Recently , We are creating a person as hero , Who participated in February 9th  Anti-India Campaigns. He is a Anti-Indian. On that day, They given the slogans to support  Afjul Guru, Do you know that Slogans? “ Afjul Guru, we are feeling shy because who killed you, those people are not dying yet.” Here,who is killed the Afjul Guru? That means “ Supreme Court judges killed the Afjul guru?And they are given the Anti-Indian Slogans also.  “we segment the Bharat in to Shatters. Insha Allah Insha Allah…”, They are given this type of Dangerous slogans. Justice Ganguly “how correct this type of slogans and why are you supporting them? Supreme Court Judges killed the Afjul Guru? Nobody condone  you “Senior Ganguly”.

After ,Anupam Kher talking about the Congress Member Surjewala,“Surjewala ji, you are given the speech about intolerance, Central is intolerance that more, this more and you are taken the intolerance list also. But, Very Intolerant Incident “Emergancy” had done by the Congress Government at the time of Indira Gandhi in 1975. Still, that is Most Dangerous Incident Indian History. Who against the Emergency and given the slogans, they punished in Jails by the Congress Government. If anyone discussed about this Emergency topic in houses also, they were arrested and cruelly beat by Indira Gandhi. Do you know “who are tolerance persons in India? Those are congress members only because they are bearing the Rahul Gandhi with patiently. Really great persons bearing the Rahul Gandhi.

Really, Congress party position is in very bad situation. Congress Members Known about their weak leader, who was tried to elect the prime minister. But, they are patiently to bear him.If you patiently bear the Rahul Gandhi, you can bear everyone in all over the world. So, All Members should be patiently in Parliament also. Then lot of problems solves in Parliament.

Previous Year, Any one listened the word “intolerance”? Definitely you did not listen this word “Intolerance”. This Word is recently more popular by Anti-Indians. They are not digested to defeat the elections. So, they are created the word of “Intolerance” with their revenge. NDA Government won the high majority in Elections. So, Congress members not digested for winning the  Modi,because modi is a tea seller in their mind. Congress supported the Mogul’s Ruling and British Rulings.

Our Prime Minister is not take the leave from 2 Years. Iam not supporter of Modi. Just Iam telling as a Indian. Any corruption activity is occuring in this 2 Years? 2G scam,3G scam,4G scam all are occured in UPA Hayam by Congress Government.
Indian celebraties also talking about Intolerance ,even they have 20 Body Guards. But if we ask about the intolerance to a common on the road side, he give the answer  “I did not know about  intolerance”. We want only food and best work. So ,Justice ganguly dont blame the others and dont get intolerance. But you have got the intolerance when Media ask the lawyer student harrasement case. Dear Friends,Bharat is Great, we have to patiently bear the justice ganguly.





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