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Raj Thackeray fired on Salman Khan comments




Raj Thackeray has fired on Salman Kahan comments. He said ” Salman Khan mind blinking like a tube light , Why don’t you think about URI attack. Why you said ” pakistanis are good”. If paskistanis are good , then what should i do?, paksitan terrorists killed our army in URI attack. He clamied “Some Body tells talent do not have borders” if our army people also drop weapons and they will participate in Music Nights. They What will you do? .

Raj Thackeray Said “Don’t you say like this stupid comments. Iam also artists. Not only pakistans are artists. 125 crores of people in India. They have somuch talent. Encourage them. Why are requesting pakistan actors? Again , Why ms dhoni banned in pakistan? tell me salman khan. He said ” don’t do like this for promoting your business in Paksitan. If you do like this , we will ban your movies. you can go to pakistan.

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Watch Arnab Goswami Video on Salman Controversial Comments:

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