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Prime Minster Modi Visited the Kollam , where fireworks exploded in kerala

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Kollam(Kerala): A big Fireworks Explosion happens at Kollam in Kerala. 102 members are spot dead and 200 members are injured by that bomb explosion. On Sunday, fires erupted all over the Puttingul goddess temple. It’s happened at 3‘O’clock early morning. Some devotee fireworks have done in the temple, the fireworks exploded at there.
When fireworks erupted in this temple, then people suddenly Stampede there. Few people died by the Stampede. A firefighter was responded for this and his immediately off the fires. Victims were evacuated to near Trivandrum medical college. During this incident, a lot of devotees are there, so the severity of the accident is increased. The Kerala chief minister Umen Chandi has immediately gone to this incident place.
As per Malayala Months, every year Meena Bharani festival celebrates at there. Our prime minister Modi also immediately reached this place and Modi met with Kerala Minister. Modi said, “this incident was shocked to me”. Heartfully I prayed to the god, who were injured in fireworks.

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