Thursday , November 23 2017

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Rama Mandhir Nirman Open Meeting

Swami Paripoornanda Saraswati and Subramhanian Swami attended a open meeting for Rama Mandhir Nirman at Hyderabad. Central Government also mentioned about this issue before 2014 Elections. Subramanian Swami claimed ” Rama Mandhir Nirman should be built before 2018. Watch Video: Watch Amazing Interview Anantha Sri Ram in Dear Swami Ji: …

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Kancha ilaiah Vs Swami Paripoornanda

Recently , Indian Government has taken good decision. Central Government banned cow killing or cow slaughtering. On this Issue , ABN Channel conducted a debate on bans cow slaughter. So, Kancha Ilaiah and Swami Paripoornanda attended this debate. Kancha Ilaiah made controversial comments on Banning cow slaughter and Swami Paripoornanda …

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KCR fires on Amit Sha

After Amit Sha campaigning, KCR fires on Amit Sha and Central Government. KCR said to Amit Sha “Don’t say lies Mr.Amit Sha. You should say sorry for Telangana People because You’re telling lies on Telangana Development. Don’t try to fool the telangana people. You didn’t eat the food in Dalit …

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