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1000 year old Hindu Temple found in Bangladesh

1000-year-old Vishnu temple is found at Madhabgaon Village in the Dinajpur District, Bangladesh. Archaeologists have recently unearthed this temple in Bangladesh. The Vishnu Temple thought to be constructed between 10th to 11th Centuries. Still, There is no temple like this with “Nava Ratha” Architecture in Bangladesh. They started an excavation …

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Godavari Anthya Pushkaralu

Veidika Committee has fixed the date for antya pushkaras. Vedeika Committee estimates lot of devotees will come to this Godavari Antya Pushkaras. Previous Year, These pushkaras were started from July 14. Now, this time, “Godavari Antya Pushkaralu starts from July 31st. Bhadrachalam main Archaka said “these Antya Pushkaralu will be …

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