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Oxford English Dictionary-New Words

OXFORD updates new words


Oxford English Dictionary updates with 1000 new words including some words. They are ”
1)Bovver- First Time, this word is used by Comedian Catherine in a channel. she said, ” Am I bovvered?” , It makes the list.
2)FWIW means ” For What it’s worth”
3)ICYMI means ” in case you missed it”
FWIW and ICYMI are used frequently on Social Media. Both are listed into Oxford.
4) Budgie Smugglers : It is used by Australians. this word is used since from 1990’s. It is used to describe tight-fitting swimming trunks.
5) Glamping: Actually Glamping sentence is shortened from ” Glamourous Camping”. It describes ” camping with luxuries” and accommodation with hotel stays.
6) Listicles: It describes recent inventions , It is mainly used online newspaper or Magazines.
7) Dudettes: It is used for male equivalent instead dude.

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