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Oopiri movie review: Heart touching film

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Upiri movie is based on the story of French movie ‘The in Touchables’. Recently, this movie is released in theatres. It is successfully running. After “Soggade Chinni Nayana” movie, Nagarjuna well-acted in this movie. His character totally limited on the wheel chair. Tamil hero Karthi has done the main role in this film. A lot of expectations are increased on this and really it successfully running and great message film. It shows the human values in modern life and how they need to us in modern life. How can the director vamshi peidipalli directed this film?


Srinu( Karthi) is a thief, he is doing robberies for money. During in robbery, he arrested by police. He went to jail. After he comes out by the bail but his mother Jaya Sudha, she told: “you get out from here”. After he trying to come out from the case. For that reason, he wants to work in old age homes and orphan Asylum but it’s failed. So he tried for one interview as caretaker. Vikrama Aditya has introduced to him. Vikrama Aditya is a big businessman. He has a lot of business works. But he got paralysis when he doing paragliding. His companion friend Prasad (Prakash raj) and secretary krithi take care him but he feeling lonely. On that situation, Karthi is entered in his life. After, how can sinu care to take him? how love forming with Kirti? And finally his mother, how can she forgive him?
For full details, we have to watch the film.


Really, it is a heart touching film. Nagarjuna well-acted in this film. The Director Vamshi Peidipalli created a magic. Karthi also well performed as Telugu Boy. His acting superb. Tamanna role has not scoped and she has performed well with her glamour, style. Nagarjuna friend Prakash raj, Ali, Jaya Sudha and Gyabriyal acted their limit. Anushka and Sriya are acted in guest roles. Finally, the director vamshi peidipally success in this film. Background score is good, but songs are average.

Plus Points:

Story, Nagarjuna, Karthi, Direction

Minus Points:

Songs, Second Part

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