Monday , August 26 2019
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Modi kills Corruption in India




Really , These moments are very happy. Modi kills corruption in India. Modi fights against corrution. It’s an Unbelievable Shock to All Indians. Modi Government will be releasing a New Notes 500 and 2000 Rupees . They banned 500 and 1000 present notes. This Decision will be changing crores people Lives. Modi’s strategy excellent. Modi Government will be introducing 2000 rupee notes and 500 rupee notes.

How to change Old Notes:

  1. You have to show Adhar Card and Id Card.
  2. Next , You should fill up a Form Application.
  3. you have to sign in Register.
  4. then , Bank will give you Money.
  5. If you want to draw money , Everyday Bank will take or give money 4,000 Rupees only.

Mainly , Modi has decided to fight against corruption in India. Bollywood priases Modi for doing this activity.

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