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Miraculous Sri Krishan’s Butterball

Srikrishna Butterball or 250 tonn wonder rock

Miraculous Krishna Butterball is situated on the hill slope at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu in India. It is a giant balancing boulder rock. It based on just 5 meter of a smooth slope and 20 feet of height at that place. The Boulder rock is estimated weight 250 tons over. It is an Unbelievable thing in Science. It is called as “Vaanirai Kal”. Vaanirai means “ Stone of the Sky God. It has been at there from 1200 years before.

In 1908, The Madras Government tried to remove rock from theirs. Seven Elephants were used to push the rock. But It could not move to front even inch also. So, Madras Government stopped this.
According to Hindu Mythology, if Bhagavan Krishna got hungry for butter in his childhood, so, he tried to sneak a butter from his mother’s butter jar. During that time, a bolus of butter is fallen on earth. After It became a Natural Boulder Rock. It situated on a smooth slope near the Ganesh Ratha.

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