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Love Jihad: Aparna became as Shahana

love jihad.

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As per Kerala Police Report, A Hindu Engineering Student was converted into Islam By Love Jihad Process. Her name Aparna, She was forcibly converted to Islam. After conversion, her name Aparna became Shahana. Actually, She is doing Aeronautical Engineering. Aparna’s parent gave Complaint on near rural police station. Police have tracked her location also. It shows the location near Kozhikode, Mini Vijayan from Pangode in Thiruvananthapuram.

and Another Young Hindu Girl was forcibly Nimisha converted into Islam by Love Jihad. After Conversion, Nimisha name was changed as Fathima. Recently, 20 Hindu girls involved in missing cases.
As per VHP, RSS Information, 35,000 above girls were converted to Islam by Love Jihad. They said: ” Some Members wants to try to India as Muslim Country. Islamic Terrorists Offers Money for converting Hindu Girls. They are given below.
1) If converts a Brahmin Girl into Islam , They give 5 Lakhs.
2) Kashtriya Girl – 4.5 Lakhs.
3) Sikh girl – 7 Lakhs.
4)Punjabi Girl – 6 Lakhs.
5) Christian Roman Catholic-4 Lakhs.
6) Christian Protestant- 3Lakhs.

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