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If visit this Website,3Lakh Fine&3YearsJail


_TorrentzIf you visit this website , You have to pay 3 Lakhs Rupees. A Case will be booked by under sections 63, 63-A , 65 and 65-A of the Copy Right Act, 1957 for three years. Recently, Indian Government banned a porn websites.

Torrentz Website also becomes a big problem to Indian Film Industries. So, Before Kabali Releasing, chennai Government also banned this website. Because lot of industry people were lost their many by Torrentz website. If a movie release today on theater , It could definitely upload on Torrentz. so , It is a big problem to Cini Industry.

Already , This website also banned but anybody tries to activity on Torrentz related sites. The information will be gone to After, You have to approach on High Court.

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