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How to get Unknown Photo Details

how to get unknown photo details


how to get unknown photo details 1

How to find unknown photo details:
It is the easiest way to find photos but it can work only for google. As possible as , It can find image details of particular person or place and others.
1)We have to go to search engine Field or Box.
2) enter images or name or place or anything but after we can select the images category.
3) after we can see the capture icon in the search field or search box.
4) we have to click on that box after we can see two options 1) Upload the URL link or 2) Upload the photo Gallery.
5) We have to select the photo gallery and upload the Image.
6) After, google starts the searching and find the photo details. as possible as it works. you can try it once.
NOTE: It should work on Laptop or Systems.

You can see photos below.

1) enter images or anything on google search to find photo details

2) after we have to select the images to find photo details 1

3) Now, We can see Capture Icon on search to find photo details 2

4) Now , We have to select the upload to find photo details 5

5) After selecting, We have to choose the photo and upload to find photo details 11

6) After uploading, google starts to find photo details 7

7) Now , We can get photo to find photo details 8

8) You can see another image also, Firstly we have uploded Anupama Parameshwaran Photo , Now we have to upload the Nasa’s Juno .how to find photo details 9

9) After searching, We can get the photo details .how to find photo details 10

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