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How Indian Kings satisfied their 100 wives?




In Ancient time , Indian Kings mostly used this medicine , who have more wives. It helped to give more energy to Kings. After taking this medicine, They were got more energy nela taadi medicine. They satisfied 100 wives also.

Nela Taadi Uses:-

  1. It gives 100 years of Life.
  2. It can give energy for satisfying 100. But Nowadays , It is not possible. Because We are not ruling Kingdom Systems.We have Constution. India is ruling by Democracy System But you can try for 1 person. It should be also your wife.

How to prepare medicine:

  1. We have to take beets of Nela Tadi.
  2. After , We crush beets of Nela Taadi.
  3. We should take a bowl. That bowl should be fill with Nela Tadi Powder.
  4. Add some Cow Ghee and Honey.
  5. After mixing, You have to eat medicine everyday.
  6. We have to use this medicine until 6 months or 1 year.

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