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Former PM Nawaj Sharif has finally revealed


Pakistan Former President Nawaj Sharif finally revealed “we sent terrorists from Pakistan to Mumbai India ,who attacked people at Taj Hotel in Mumbai India 26/11 year 2008”. After Attacks, India has shown many evidences link between Pakistan and Terrorists but Pakistan condemned it. Finally, Nawaz Sharif has revealed about 26/11 attacks.

Every Indian never forget about 26/11 Mumbai attacks. It’s a undigested thing to everyone. On that day, Terrorists killed 166 Indian people near Taj Hotel, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Leopold. 300 people were injured by Pakistan Terrorists.

Firstly, Every Indian knew about Dirty Pakistan’s dirty strategies. Pakistan encourages and supports terrorism and terrorists. Pakistan Government have been financially supporting to Terrorists and giving weapons to Jihad Groups.   They have been sending terrorists from pakistan to India since lot years.

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