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Elagandal Fort -Kakatiya’s Kingdom-Share It



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Elagandula Fort is situated Near Elagandula at Karimnagar in Telangana, India. Elagandla Fort was bulit by Kakatiya Kings. After , Kakatiya Kings were defeated by Yadava Kings. During , Mogul Kings also entered into India. Mohammadas did invasion on Elagandula. They invaded Elagandal Fort.

After , Five King families have ruled Elagandal Fort.

There is a Dhominar also. It looks like Charminar. These all were bulit in 10 th to 11th century. Elagandal Fort is located near Manair Dam.

Daily, Lot of tourists visit this Place. Some Young students direct short films also.

Recently , Telangana Government started “Elangdal Fort Renvations” also. Previously, Andhra Pradesh gave a identification as a Tourist Place.

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