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Do you know about “Magnetic Hill”

Magnetic Hill, India

Magnetic Hill located near Leh at Ladakh in India. Kargil National highway is connected with Leh Road Way, Which is about 30 Km from Leh. Magnetic Hill height is 14,000 feet above sea level. The Magnetic Hill has gravity force. If we are parked a car on down of the hill, It moves to the front of the hill by Magnetic Force. Even, if we killed engine but it moves to the front of the hill. It is really a miraculous thing.

Magnetic Hill 2Actually , how cars gain momentum and how cars were attracted by Magnetic Hill?
These types of hills are naturally formed in the world. It is an optical illusion So, Here the down hills appears to be the as uphill slope. A lot of engineering students did a project on this. Finally, They gave a report of the magnetic hill. But somebody rejected their report.They told, “there is a magnetic force working from hill”. It works surrounding near areas.
Not only this one, These type of Magnetic Fields located in a lot of countries.
They are
1. South Australia

Magnetic Hill in Orroroo , South Australia
2. Brazil
3. Canada
4. China
5. Cyprus
6. Czech Republic
7. Dominican Republic
8. France
9. Germany
10. Guatemala
11. Indonesia
12. The Isle of Man
13. Italy
14. Jordan
15. Kenya
16. Lebanon
17. Malaysia
18. Mexico
19. Oman
20. Philippines
21. Poland
22. Portugal
23. Romania
24. Serbia
25. Saudi Arabia
26. South Korea
27. Slovakia
28. United Kingdom
29. United States

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