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Cow meat kills Human Body

Cow meat

Cow Meat kills Human Body. Cow meat very dangerous food to human body. It causes cancer, Heart attack, Liver Cancer, and breast cancer. According to WHO (World Health Organization) Servey, People getting 21 % of bowel cancers by eating Cow meat or Processed meat or red meat. As well as, people getting 86% of lung cancers by eating Cow meat or processed meat or red meat. who eat cow meat , they will get Cancer ,Heart Problems , Stomach and Liver Problems.
Myoglobin Proteins create Cancers and Heart Attack:

Cow Meat & Myoglobin
Actually , Cow Meat has very high concentrations of protein Myoglobin. This Myoglobin may more chances to cause cancer. It is released from damaged muscle tissue. Myoglobin proteins are filtered by Proteins but it becomes poison to the renal tubular epithelium. So it causes to Liver Cancer.
It is a sensitive marker for muscle injury, but it became the potiential marker to cow meat lovers.So, they will easily get the heart attack with chest pain.
Myoglobin is more percentage in beef and old beef meat. Myoglobin percentage level is 1.50- 2.00 % in beef.

cow meat 4
Polycyclic Hydrocarbons due to cancer:
When the red meat is dropped on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons flames, Instantly, It holds Polycyclic Hydrocarbons. It causes to play a role in the development of Stomach Cancer in Human Body.

Cow meat 3 Cancers are affected by Cow Meat. They are given below.
1) Liver Cancer
2) Prostate Cancer
3) Stomach Cancer
4) Breast Cancer.
5) Colorectal Cancer
6) Lung Cancer
7) Bowel Cancer
And Heart Attack also.

Already , WHO ( World Health Orgnization) announced a statement for stop eating cow meat or red meat and processed meat.

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