Friday , April 28 2017
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Excellent Interview Swami Ji & Hero Nikhil

Swami Paripoornanda gave a wonderful interview with Hero Nikhil. Hero Nikhil also asked amazing questions. Every Hindu must watch this Video. Hero Nikhil asked ” Why should we go to temple on small problems.? and Why do we follow Vastu or Numerology. Watch this Video:   Share on: WhatsApp

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Should we keep Garuda Purana at Home ?

Sri Samavedam Shanmuka Sharma Garu gave a wonderful speech about Garuda Puran. He clarified doubts on Garuda Puran. He said ” Everybody can read garuda puran and We can keep garuda puran at Home. Watch this Video:   Share on: WhatsApp

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Every Student must watch Chaganti’s Speech

Every Student should be watch Chaganti Koteshwara Rao’s Speech about Students. He gave good message for failure students and depression students. How to behave with elders and how to success in life. He gave wonderful speech for students. Watch this Video: Watch this Video: Watch this Video: Share on:

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Unknown Facts behind Mahabharat War

Mahabharat is a great historical story of India. Mahabharat War was happen between Pandavas and Kauravas. lakhs of people died in this war. It was happened in Dwapara Yuga. Lord Vishnu came krishna Avatar in that yuga. Mahabharat War happened 17 days. Watch Mahabharat War Part-1:- Watch this Second Part …

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Rare Videos of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthan

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthan is most well-known temple in the World. Tirupathi is one of the greatest temples in India. Venkateshwara Swami is main deity in this Temple. Laxmi Amma and Andal Amma wives of Sri Venkateshwara Swami. Rare Videos of Tirumala Tirupathi. Watch Tirumala Videos: Rare Videos of Tirumala Tirupathi: …

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Why should we print Sitha Rama on Marriage Cards

Sri Chaganti Koteshwara Rao is a one of the great devotional teachers in India. He gave lot of wonderful speeches. He said a speech about greatness of Sitha Rama and Why should we print Sitha Rama on Marriage Cards. Every Hindu should necessary print Sitha Rama on Marriage Cards. Watch …

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