Tuesday , September 26 2017
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Amazing uses of Balu Rakkasi Plant

Read this information: How to prepare Balu Rakkasi Medicine: Firstly , We have to go to Forest Area. Balu Rakkasi Plant must be taken from Forest Area. We have to worship that tree as per Shodashopachara Process. After Shodashopachara Pooja, We can remove that plant. Plant should have 5 Parts. …

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Hyderabad Police silent on ISIS Supporters

21 days Ago, Republic TV had released 3 tapes on ISIS supporters. Republic TV Anchor daringly took interview with ISIS Supporters. ISIS Supporters openly said ” We have relationship with ISIS. We have Terrorists contacts also. We went “Syria also”. They had created ISIS groups on Facebook. Everyday these ISIS …

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Plastic Rice Biryani Issue

Hyderabad: A man bought Biryani at near hotel. Before he eating birayni rice, He got shock. He observed plastic rice in his plate. Immediately , He went to that Hotel, Where bought that Biryani. The Shop Owner reversely beaten him for asking. Watch Video:   Share on: WhatsApp

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Hero Vamshi made controversial questions

Vangaveeti Fame Hero Vamsee Chaganti attended in Dear Swami ji Program. He asked “lot of controversial questions to Swami Paripoornanda”. As well as , Swami Paripoornanda gave a best answer to him. Watch Video:   Share on: WhatsApp

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Pastor talking to Jesus on his phone

  Silence.. Silence..Be Silence .. , Zimbabwe Pastor Paul Sanyangore talking to Jesus on his Phone. He announced to Christians “I have Jesus Number. Daily, I’m talking with Jesus. I will give you jesus numbers, Believe me.., You should listen my words. You can also talk with Jesus”. He made …

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