Saturday , May 27 2017
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Watch Real life story behind Dangal – Video

Mahavir Phogat is a best wrestler. After , He became a wrestling coacher. His 4 daughters also joined in Wrestling. They won Gold Medals and Sliver Cups also. His daughter won Silver Cup in Olympics 2010. Recently , Amir Khan acted in Dangal Movie. Every One know about this thing. …

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Gudla Kudumulu gives heavy IRON to Our Body

Gudla Kudumulu gives heavy IRON to Our Body. Hyacinth Beans are mainly used in this Food Preparation. Some Items also used to prepare this Item. They are Rice Flour , Coriander , Onion Leaf, Chilies and Salt also. Really, Its most healthy food to childrens. If you want to prepare …

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Sudigali Sudheer emotional speech

Really , Sudigali Sudheer gave a wonderful speech about his Life. How did he become a Sudigali Sudheer. He revealed lot of secrets about his journey. Previously , He worked as a Majician. After , He became a Best Comedian from Jabardasth. It is a big desire of his mother. …

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Amazing Speech by Naga Babu: Watch Everyone

Actor Naga Babu announced “we supports PM Modi’s Demonetisation”. He said “True Facts about Our Present Situtions in India. He appriciated “Modi Decision”. He told genuine speech. Really , He said ” Common Man Feelings”. After 500, 1000 notes banned , Opposition Polices trying to blame the Modi’s Decision. So, …

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Watch Every Indian-Excellent Video by Jabardasth Team

Jabardasth Team Supports PMModi Demonetization. They announced  against Bharat Bhandh. All Jabardasth Team Members against Bharat Bandh on 28th . They appriciated our PM Modi. Jabardasth Team members supports PM Modi and his views. Really , they said “lot of facts on our present situtions in India. They oppose “Bharat …

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