Friday , March 31 2017
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Amazing Speech by Naga Babu: Watch Everyone

Actor Naga Babu announced “we supports PM Modi’s Demonetisation”. He said “True Facts about Our Present Situtions in India. He appriciated “Modi Decision”. He told genuine speech. Really , He said ” Common Man Feelings”. After 500, 1000 notes banned , Opposition Polices trying to blame the Modi’s Decision. So, …

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Watch Every Indian-Excellent Video by Jabardasth Team

Jabardasth Team Supports PMModi Demonetization. They announced  against Bharat Bhandh. All Jabardasth Team Members against Bharat Bandh on 28th . They appriciated our PM Modi. Jabardasth Team members supports PM Modi and his views. Really , they said “lot of facts on our present situtions in India. They oppose “Bharat …

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Pittagoda Movie Teaser

Pittagoda Movie Teaser has been officially released by Suresh Babu. Movie teaser shows youth background concept in Telangana.   Share on: WhatsApp

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Funny Videos on banned 500 , 1000 rupee notes

Yesterday , 500 and 1000 rupee notes were banned by  Modi Government. Because , They decided to fight against Corruption. Modi Government will be introducing new currency for replacing. They will be introducing 500 notes and 2000 notes. After banned 500 and 1000 rupees currency , Lot of members made …

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Karthika Purnima – Milk

  Hindus worship Tulasi Plant and Amla Tree in Karthika Masam. They Worship God Vishnu and God Shiva. Last Day, Some Hindus celebrate different way. They boil milk when moon rays falling. It will help to Our Health. Really , This Month or Karthika Masam mostly sacred for Hindus. If …

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Facts about Trivikram Srinivas

  Trivikram Srinivas is one of the most Famous Directors in Telugu Industry. He is a Writer also. He worked as a Dialogue Writer , Assistant Director. Mostly , Trivikram Movies based on Literature Dialogues and Powerful Stories and Logics. Really , He is a Stoic ( very intelligent). He …

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