Thursday , October 19 2017
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Ambaa White Hindu

Ambaa is a White Hindu. She lives in America. Ambaa practices Hindus from few years. She visited India and Learnt Bharatha Natyam. After She tries to practice Hinduism. Ambaa Celebrates Hindu Festivals. Those are Vinayaka Chavithi , Amma Vaari Pooja , Diwali etc. She got marriage in Hindu Style. Everyday …

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White Crow – Veera Bramhendra Swamy

Brahmamgaru is a future predictor and god in Indian.  from 17th century. He is a writer of “Kalagnanam” predictions where most of the predictions came true. He had thousands of disciples who followed his principles and theories. Recently, Indian People saw white crow in India. Already, Veera bramhendra Swamy wrote about …

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Must watch LB Sri Ram’s Prasadam Short Film

LB Sri Ram is a brilliant actor and Comedian. He played different roles in telugu film industry. He played roles as father , comedian , lecturer and different roles etc. Recently, He directs short films. It is one of the best short films in telugu. Duration is less but concept …

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Swami ji’s opinion on Arya Dravida Theory

Swami Paripoornanda is a saint of Hindu Dharma. He gave good speeches and Pravachanas on Bhagavat geetha , Ramayana and Mahabharat. He said “Arya Dravida Theory is a Big Lie”. Watch & Share It:   Share on:

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Garikapati Rao comments on Non Vejetarians

Garikapati Narasimha Rao is a telugu state devotional teacher. He gives good speeches about gods and devotion. First Time , Garikapati Narasimha Rao responded on Non Vegetarians. He said “Everybody should eat egg and meat except Bramhins. Recently , Some Young Boys leave non veg. They convert into veg batch. …

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Rama Mandhir Nirman Open Meeting

Swami Paripoornanda Saraswati and Subramhanian Swami attended a open meeting for Rama Mandhir Nirman at Hyderabad. Central Government also mentioned about this issue before 2014 Elections. Subramanian Swami claimed ” Rama Mandhir Nirman should be built before 2018. Watch Video: Watch Amazing Interview Anantha Sri Ram in Dear Swami Ji: …

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