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Bumchick Babloo comedy counter on Sri Reddy


Everyone knew about the Sri Reddy Issue. It has became a big issue in Tollywood . When she strips her clothes in Public, then it reaches to national and international also. National and International Papers also published Sri Reddy issue in front pages. She has protested in bad manner. After protesting , Everyone has not supported this type of activity.They are against it but Media and People supported on Casting Couch Issue.

Sai Kumar Actor (Bum Chick Babloo) made a comedy counter video. He took the concept from Sri Reddy Issue. Now, This video goes viral on Social Media. It gets huge response from the Audience. This concept and Video is directed by Sai Kumar. This Video is Superb.

Cast: Sai Kumar, Sathish , Natasha , Deva Ganesh , Kiran and Durga Sai.


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