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Budjet Meeting by Arun Jetly


New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jetly introduced the Budget in Lok Sabha. Earlier,Central Ministry accepted to run the Budget session. The highlights of budget introducing by Arun Jetly between 2016-17 Financial Year. The Rebit will be increases to people, who have salary up to 5 Lakhs. Every year tax will be exception up to 30,000/-. HRA deduction will be increase 24,000 to 60,000/-. Rebit increases 2000 Rupees to 5000/-.Rebit gives some relief, who will pay the taxes.900crores allocate for seed sources.The expenditure of planned items for 14.28Lackcrores. The fiscal deficit limits up to 3.5%. Planned expenditure increases to 15.3%. Planned expenditure increases to 5.5 Trillion. Financial services will be used to 100 crores of peoples by Adhar Cards.

Arogya Beema Pathak allocates for elderly people. 1000Crores allocate for new officers under the EPF. 80,000 crores proposes to allocate for Sagar Mala Project. Loans, subsidies depends on Adhar Cards. This year loans allocate to 2.5crore people by the Mudra Bank and Support to Government Banks. New Act is introducing to Banks and Bema Agencies for without bankruptcy. 25Crores allocates to revive the Banks. The central will 50% decreases in IDBI. Lot of New Jobs in Retail Trade Section. EPF contribution is 8.33 % up to 3 years for new officers. Government gives the permission to mini shops for opening 7 days in a week. 500crores allotments to Dal and cereals production. 38,500crores will be allocated to Upadhi Hami Pathak. The  Electricity production increase for 3000crores. Extra Facilities will  provides to Rural Areas. This Budget Mainly gives importance to agriculture and peasantry. 268crores allocates to agriculture for testing of fertility.

Marketing Facility starts from April 14th for  formers.In 3years,Organic Agriculture will be using in 5lack acres. 20000 crores provides for irrigation under the Naabard. 35,984 crores will allot for food security by the government. 19000 crores declared to pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. 2.87 lack crores will allocate to Rural Sector. Government allocates 27,000 crores for roads connectivity. According to the suggestions of 14 financial communities, Governament provides the funds to Villages. This Year Elecricity provides in 5542 Villages all over the India. 9000 crores will allocate to Swach Bharat. 4 new projects for dairy formers. Government targets to  complete the 23 New Projects till March 31st . 5000 crores allocates to Standardup India for developing SC,ST Womens.

Foriegn Exchange Sources reached to 350 Billions. New Health Plan provides  1 lack rupees to every family by Governament. 2000 crores allocate to Poor People for cooking gas. Govenment proposed to give 800 crores for developing the Ports. Govenment allot the 150 crores to revive incomplete Airports. 60 thousand crores allocates for increasing the ungerground water facilities. 850 crores will allocate to Animal Husbandry. Governament alloting 10,000 crores to Metro Rail Project. Increase the production of Oil and Natural Gas. MFI appriciated the Bharat Financial System. We decrease the current account deficit to 14 billion dollars. Mainly concentration on Drought Areas. Bharat Financial is most better than World Financial System even the financial system in difficult stage. Micro ATM’s will provide in post office.

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