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Awesome Telangana Formation Day Song-Mangli

Really, Awesome Telangana Formation Day Song. Now, This Video song goes viral on social media. This song was composed by Nandu Bobbili. Lyric Writer Kandikonda wrote amazing lyrics. Mangli and Jangireddy are singing well. This song gets the huge good response from Audience.

Mainly, This song was created for Telangana Formation Day by Nandu Bobbili Team. Telangana People celebrates Telangana Formation Day on June 2.

Music Team Members: 

Editor: Uday Kumbham

DOP:Tirupathi Kotwal Madhu

Making by: Damu Reddy Kosanam

Producer: Appi Reddy

Keyboard and Ridams: Baaji

Live ridams and parcutions: Ganesh

Sound Engineer: Venky Naidu

Mastering: Sudarshan

Music Arranger: Kumar

Singers: Mangli(Satyavati), Jangi Reddy

Lyrics: Kandi Konda

Music: Nandu Bobbili

Watch and Share It:

updated it: Watch and Share It: Madhu Priya Song Also


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