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Ancient Indians Aviation Technology

Indian_Ancient_AviationAncient AeronaticsIndian ancients used ayurvedic medicines for flying in the airAncient Indians used ayurvedic medicines for flying . We are given one proof for flying. They used mainly mercury for preparing this medicine. Actually , Mercury is not stable but They took Cow Milk and Honey for to be consistent of mercury. After, they used black castor oil for preparing.
How to prepare ayurvedic medicine for flying:
1) We have to add cow milk and honey in mercury for becoming consistent.
2) Next , We should add black castor oil in mixed solution.
3) After preparation , We have to apply to the whole body.
4) Finally , It can give flying power.
Note: These are given from the Old Book.
Ancient Indians developed aviation technology at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Atomic Bombs were blasted by them at that time. Really , we can observe unearthed parts in Afganistan. In 2012 , 5000 years old aircraft was found by American soldiers in Afghanistan.

However , Not Only Ayurvedic , Magicians also used a different method to fly egg in the air. I had read DR. Pattabhiram Magician books 4 years back. He gave one magic trick about flying egg. He said ” We have to add mercury and two other items in inner egg. After 5 minutes , We will get really shock. Egg will slowly fly in the air.

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