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Amazing uses of portia tree (ganga raavi)


ganga-raavi-chettuGanga Raavi Tree also called Portia Tree. Ganga Raavi tree is used in Ayurvedic.

How to prepare Ayurvedic Medicine:

  1. As per Hindu Mythology , We have to worship the tree( according to tithi and nakshatra).
  2. After Shodashapachara , we have to take 5 parts from Ganaga Ravi Tree.
  3. Five parts are Leaves , Flowers , roots , bark (cort) and nuts.
  4. we should crush all ingredients until that form into powder.
  5. After , add some ghritam( Cow Ghee) and Honey.
  6. we have to mix ingredients.
  7. After , we have to chant Mantra ” Om Namho Vasu Devaya Sri Keshavya Sri Nrusimha yate jase kuru kuru swaha”.
  8. After, We have to drink that Medicine.

Uses of Portia Tree:

1.It can give 1000 years life.

2.It gives good energy.



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