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Amazing Health tips of Cow’s Panchagavya

uses of cow ingredients .Health tips of Cow Five Ingredients
Uses of cow ingredients (panchagavya)Health tips of Cow Five Ingredients ( panchagavya)


Amazing health tips of cow’s panchagavya.Panchagavya means cow’s five ingredients. These Cow Five ingredients are mainly used in  Ayurvedic Medicines. Five Ingredients means Cow’s milk , ghee , curd, urine and dung. Really, cow’s panchagavya (Five Ingredients) are very useful to human bodies.

Daily , If we can drink the cow milk , Bones become very strong. It can improve the Intelligence.  Cow curd is used to facial beauty tips in Ayurvedic. Cow Ghee improves the height. If we drink urine, It cures heart Problems. Cow dung is used to cure the eye problems and pimples in ayurvedic.

Sorry for the Inconvinence, We will shortly update the full information and tips about Cow Ingredients. Actually , We don’t have time , definately ,we should update the information tomarrow. We upate the amazing health tips for you .

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