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Acharya Nagarjuna’s Ayurvedic Shonti




Indian Ancient scientists found many things. Acharya Nagarjuna is one of the greatest scientists in India. He found the gold by using Mercury and other Metals.
Now, We explain about “Acharya Nagarjuna’s Ayurvedic Medicine ” Shonti Kalpaha ( Zingiber ).
How to prepare Ayurvedic Medicine:
1) firstly , We have to take fresh Zingiber Powder.
2) We should mix Jaggery , Honey and Cow Ghee with Zingiber Powder.
3) After Mixing , We have to store that Juice in Rice Box up to 1 Month.
4) After 1 Month, We should open the box.
5) We have to eat 1 spoon Shonti (Zingiber Super Cream).
6) Every day we should eat that cream up to 6 Months.
1) It gives life up to 300 years.
2) It can improve the More Intelligence.
3) Maybe It gives superpowers also. These are written in that book.

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