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5000 Years old Air Craft found in Afghanistan

5000 years old Aircraft

5000 years old Air Craft:

5000 years old aircraft found in Afghanistan. The United States very secretly held this operation in 2012. Ancient Indian aircraft was discovered in a cave. 8 American soldiers went there. During , they entered into the cave. American Soldiers tried to remove “aircraft” from the cave. Suddenly, American Soldiers disappeared when the aircraft tried to remove it. After, this news fastly spread to everyone. Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy visited this place.

On that time, A question was raised in the world. “ Why all great world politicians went to Afganistan? It was a big question to the whole world. But US Air Force gave an answer to Media. That is “A 5000 years old aircraft found in Afganistan”. American Air Force uploaded a video on Youtube. We can watch that video also.
Actually, this type of Air crafts was used in Ancient time of Mahabharata. Hindu Scriptures say “ Lot of aircraft were used in Mahabharata war. Still, Some rocks release the high radiations in Afghanistan.

Indian Ancient Aviation Techonology:

Indian Ancient Aviation
According to Hindu scriptures ,It is an Ancient Indian Vimana. Indians already developed the Advanced Modern Technology in Ancient time. Old Indian Scientists wrote “ Advance Aeronautical and Aero-Space Technology”. The Bharadwaja Maharishi is one of the greatest Scientists in India. He wrote a Vimanika Shastra Book. It is an extraordinary book for Aeronautical. Aircraft and Aeroplane are also called as “Vimana” in the Sanskrit language. These are also mentioned Vedas also. 20 passages were mentioned this Aero-Space Technology in Rigveda. These are mainly represented as three types. They are three-storeyed, triangular and three wheeled. Aircraft could carry three members at a time.
In scriptures, they are four types:
1) Rukma Vimana
2) Sundara Vimana
3) Tripura
4) Sakuna
Some people told ” Shivakar Talapade made a Air Craft at Mumbai, India since 1895 and 3000 above visitors saw this air craft. He travelled on a craft for half an hour.

 Shivakar Talpade

Full details for watch this video Link:

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