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500 years life by Neem

Margo -500 years life


500 years life by Neem's MedicineNeem (Margo) is not a common tree. It has lot of Medicinal Properties. Indians use Neem (Margo) tree’s flowers, stem, leaf, roots and nuts in Ayurvedic Medicines.
It can completely cure the skin disorders. Hindus use Neem flowers in Ugadi Festival also. It can cure Hansen’s Disease and Tuberculosis Disease.
we will come to the point. Hindu Rishis discovered the fantastic things in Ancient Time. Already we could hear this type of wards. Hindu Saints can leave up to thousands of years. I heard “so many times, they can leave thousands of years by using forest herbals”.
Accidently, I read margo article on that book.after reading , I had really shocked for giving that information. lot of uses were mentioned in that article. They mentioned, ” we can live up to 500 years”.
How can we leave up to 500 years? Lot of doubts create to us. but it is possible.
we follow some instructions.
1) we have to become vegetarian.
2) we should do yoga once in a day.
3) Daily, we have to drink Neem’s Medicine.
4) We should stop drinking alcohols and bad habits.
How to prepare Neem’s Medicine:
Firstly , we have to take 5 types of parts from Margo. 5 parts mean leaf, stem, roots , nuts and bark also. After, we will dry these 5 parts and crush them.
After, we will boil the water and add these 5 parts into that water. We should add these items Sugar, Cashew Nuts, Cow Milk, Long Peppers, Peppers , Honey , Vaayu Vindagalu , Kasi Vinda Nuts, Karakkayalu and Amla nuts also. All times should add equally into that Mixture.
we have to soak that medicine into Guntagagara Leaf Juice. Finally, we can get the margo’s medicine.
How to use Margo’s Medicine and How can we leave up to 500 years:
1) we have to drink the 1 Tola ( 11.66 grams) of margo’s Medicine every day.
2) We should use this medicine for 1 year.
Note: All should use Neem’s Medicine for 1 year. If you will not follow the instructions, you cannot leave up to 500 years. Use the medicine in a proper manner, Don’t drink the alcohol.


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