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24 Movie Review


24 movie review

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller
Starring: Surya, Samantha, Nityamenon, Ajay, Sharanya
Music: AR Rahman
Director: Vikram K Kumar
Producer: 2D Entertainments

Surya is one of the famous Heros in South India. He does many experiments in his movies. The director Vikram, he directs different concepts. Now, it is a very different film. The concept is totally on time traveling. Surya played three roles in this film. In recently, he has no hit movies. So, he puts hope on this 24 movie. Lets we enter into the story.


Doctor Shiva Kumar (Surya) , he is a scientist. He wants to create a time traveler watch. After few days, he found a time traveler watch. Shiva Kumar and atreya are twins. Surya played atreya character also as villain. Shiva Kumar wife nityamenon , she played the role as nityamenon. He has tried to kill and take the watch from shiva Kumar but shiva Kumar save his son and athreya also got the accident. Atherya went unconscious stage 26 years in the coma. After Shiva Kumar son, Mani (Surya) works at the mechanic shop. He listens the watch power from his childhood. At the same time, Samantha met him and both are falling in love. He used the watch for his love. After Atreya, he comes out from the coma; he searched for the watch with his follower Mitra (Ajay). After Atreya knew watch details. What will happen next? Let we watch the movie on the screen.


Surya played three roles in this movie, he showed excellent acting in this. He not only played positive roles. He played a negative role also. He appreciated by the audience. He looks very cruel in Atreya Role. Samantha role permits for the only glamor. Nityamenon acted superbly in this movie but she has less time. Ajay also played well.


Director Vikram K Kumar, he always tries new experiments in his movies and movie concepts. Same that type of formula he followed in 24 movie review. The movie is very thrilling. Songs are not good just average. Rahman music is average. Cinematography and production values are high.

Plus Points:

Surya,Main Story Line,Screenplay

Minus Points:

First Half Love Scenes
There is no commercial for mass audience
And Music

Rating3.25 / 5

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