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Kukatpally Varala Jallu – Viral Video

Varala Jallu made a funny video on politicians. Recently, Chandrababu gives a lot of political statements in public meetings that’s why varala jallu fired on him. Varala Jallu gave a big counter to Chandrababu. Varala Jallu told ” If you elect me in MLA Elections, I will give 1KG Gold, 100 Silk Sarees, …

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Congress Leader insults Bharat matha Ke Jai

A Congress Leader insults Bharat Matha Kee Jai. Congress Leader Name is Beedi Kalla. After the congress meeting, A Leader tried to give the slogan “Bharat Matha Kee Jai”. Beedi Kalla has immediately stopped his slogan. Then, He gave instructions to praise Congress leaders. Then, That Boy gave slogans about “Sonia, Rahul, and …

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Women fires on TRS Party Members

This video goes viral on social media. She told “A streetlight damaged 3 months ago, TRS Government did not take any action on this. She gave a complaint at Uppal. So, she fires on TRS People and immediately, she tears pamphlet in front of TRS Members. Watch and Share It: Watch and …

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A Foreigner’s Awesome Speech about India

A foreigner gave a wonderful speech about India. She made an amazing video about the future superpower India. Foreigner Name is Karolina. Few Foreigner People reacts to India the future superpower video. Watch and Share It:- Watch and Share It:- Watch and Share It:- Share on:

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Really Inspiring Story – Must Watch It

Really, This short film goes viral on social media. This is a very inspiring story. Venkatesh, The Man who studying for Police Job without any support. Previously, He is working as a Water Boy and Cycle Mechanic also. Pakkinti Kurradu Chandu Sai played a role as Venkatesh (Who prepares for …

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A Beggar sings a song against TRS Party

A Beggar sings a song against the TRS Party. He explained, Telangana Government promotes development in TVs Only but they did not any development in reality. This video goes viral on Social Media. Watch and Share It:   Share on: WhatsApp

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