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Mathematic Magician Srinivasa Ramanujan Life Story as Movie

The Man Who Knew Infinity: Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking became world famous by Physics and Astronomy but Our Indian the greatest scientist Srinivasa Ramanujan not famous. He more hard worked in Mathematics.This movie is based on Most Genius Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan Life. This is a great thing to …

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Manasa died by Noodles :Her father has told

  Three sisters Manasa,Mamata and Sarasa. Manasa , manasa is a ssc student, his 15 years old. This incident was happen at Yanamalakuduru in Vijayawada. After eating, they got motions, vomiting and stomach pain. Immediately, the elder daughter Manasa health position becomes very serious. Manasa instantly joined in hospital by …

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Sarainodu Movie Review

The mass director Boyapati Srinu and Style Star Allu Arjun, their combination out a film “sarainodu”. The film has released world widely in theatres. The audience has a lot of expectations on this film. So how was this film attracting to the audience? Story:             …

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Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanti is special for hindu devotees. Lot hanuman devotees worship the god and they chant the hanuman Chalisa and hanuman dandakam. Every time the hanuman birthday comes on chaitram shloka Poornima. So, on that day, who worships the god, their desires solved by the hanuman god.                Shani deva …

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Bad News for Biryani Lovers

Mainly, Lot of people eat biryani on weekends. Now, This is a favorite item to most of the people. it is prepared for birthday parties and other functions. However, biryani badly effects on the liver, who eat biryani overeating. It is mainly effected on drinkers. Because Our Body gets unnecessary …

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