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Modi will become the Global Master in Future -Nostradamous

Global Master

Almost 450 years ago, French Nostradamus said prophecy about the Modi ji. A Common man will lead the India 2014 to 2026. Firstly, people will hate him but after all people will love him. He can only change the fate of India. All Countries will come to shelter under the India. After, India will become a “Vishwa Guru” in the world.

Nostradamus was predicted this in the year 1555. He is prophet. He was written the future book. In that, he mentioned about the twin towers, which will be collapsed in America. His prophecy about Hitler also, world war will come by Hitler.

The union minister Kiren rijijiu says about this, he posted the title “amazing facts” on his face book. He explained the Nostradamus prediction of prophecy. Japan is destroyed by the bomb explosions in 1945, that is mentioned in future book of Nostradamus.

Amazing Facts

In present lok Sabha

BJP-283 Seats 2+8+3=13

NDA-337 Seats 3+3+7=13

UPA-58 Seats 5+8=13

Others-148 Seats 1+4+8=13

According to Nostradamus prophecy, Modi ji not only change the India. Pm Modi Ji change entire the world and he will become an administrator of the world. Really, our Prime Minister modi ji is great.




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