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1000 year old Hindu Temple found in Bangladesh

1000 year old hindu temple found in bangladesh

1000-year-old Vishnu temple is found at Madhabgaon Village in the Dinajpur District, Bangladesh. Archaeologists have recently unearthed this temple in Bangladesh. The Vishnu Temple thought to be constructed between 10th to 11th Centuries. Still, There is no temple like this with “Nava Ratha” Architecture in Bangladesh. They started an excavation at that place in April 2016. 52 members of the excavation team, four teachers, 13 students and 13 experienced workers have given their support to a group of Archeologists.

Finally, they found a 7 Metre high brick built structure and a 144 square meter solidly built form and Garbhagriha also. Garbhagriha means inner temple where the god idol was worshiped by the devotee. There are Nine Rathas, So it is known as “Nava Ratha”.
These archeologists from the Jahangir Nagar, they earlier found a Hindu temple at Pala Dynasty in Bengal. The former professor Dipak Ranjan said “this temple structure is similar to Siddeshwara temple in Bangladesh.
These team members worked for this temple. Those names Prof. Swadhin Sen, he is director department of archeology. Prof. Seema Hoque and Sabekunnaher Sithi.

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